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LIGHT UP NUMBER “4” ~ rental

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Prop rental

• Size: 1.2m 

* only available as single use 7am-9pm any overnight rentals are charged an additional $50 

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: for safe use of this prop we will only provide rental if the prop is used indoors and on a clean dry flat surface with easy access to a PowerPoint 

this prop is not suitable for use on grass , or exposed outdoors spaces with no rain or wind cover  sorry 

- cash bond of $100 is to be paid on delivery for overnight use and will be returned on collection if prop is returned in same original condition provided in this includes ensuring the item does have food residue marks (please do not allow guests to touch the lights to avoid this , we ask that you do not attempt to wipe the prop with any cleaning products etc to avoid paint damage and electrical faults  . 

please check event date availability PRIOR to booking